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Scott BrownExecutive Directorext. 18scott
Keith GarbartCamp Directorext. 14keith
Renee FelterCamp Administratorext. 12renee
Bailey DaileyRecreation Supervisorext. 11bailey
Kim Kowalski Membership/Program Administratorext. 10kim
Pat SchneeFinancial Managerext. 19pat
Shawn HusseyRecreation Coordinatorext. 13shawn
Mark DaleEducation Directorext. 16mark
Bryan MartinPark Directorext. 21bryan
Nick VoitkevicsPark Maintainer
Kyle HardingPark Maintainer
Anthony BaioPark Maintainer
Paul KellyPark Maintainer
Winding Trails is located at 50 Winding Trails Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

Telephone: (860) 677-8458