Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a current member. How do I bring guests to the park?
Members are allowed to bring a maximum of 6 guests per day per membership. Guests must park outside the entry gate and enter the park in the member's car. All guests must be preregistered on our website:
If you have pre-paid guest passes, you can also use those when registering online.  You can register your guests up to 7 days in advance. Guest fees are $5 for children ages 3-15 and $7 for adults. We sell discount prepaid guest pass books as well. The a book of ten adult passes is $60 and a book of 10 child passes is $40. They can be purchased at the entry gate with cash or a check. If you would like to pay by credit card, you will need to get your passes in the Main Office.

What do I do if I can't bring my guests on the day I registered them for? 
We are not issuing refunds for guest fees, but you can move your guest passes to a different day. To do this, you will need to log into Guest Registration and select the date you originally registered guests for. There will be a drop down menu there for you to select a new date.

What do I do if I lost my membership sticker?
There is a $5 fee for replacement stickers to be issued. Members should put their stickers on the appropriate vehicles as soon as they are received to avoid loosing them. If you need to replace your windshield you must scrape the old sticker off and return it to the office to avoid the $5 replacement fee.

What do I do if I get a new car?
If you purchase a new car, you must return your old sticker with a copy of your new vehicle registration to the office to receive a sticker for your new vehicle. If you do not have your old sticker, there is a $5 replacement fee. We will also need to know which car, if any, you need removed from your account. If you have a leased vehicle, Winding Trails must have a copy of the lease agreement with your name and address stated on it. Please do not transfer your old sticker to your new car! You can email or mail in your new registration.

Can I add a nanny or babysitter to my membership?
Yes! You can add nannies or babysitters to your membership for a fee of $80 for the year. A nanny application must be filled out and a copy of a photo ID for the nanny must be on file in our office. Nannies are only allowed admittance into the park if they are accompanied by the children in their care as listed on the nanny application:

How and when do I renew my membership?
Membership dues are renewed every year. Online renewals are available from early October to December 31st each year. If you prefer to be mailed a paper copy of your renewal, please request one from the office. The signed renewal form and payment, or your online payment, must be submitted by December 31st to insure you retain your membership. Late renewals can not be guaranteed a membership for the following year.

How do I register for programs?
A program registration form must be filled out either online or on paper for all programs unless otherwise stated in the description of the program. Registrations must be submitted at least three days prior to the start of all programs. Please note that space is limited in most programs and can not be guaranteed. Registering early for programs is highly recommended.

What is the cancellation policy on programs?
Winding Trails reserves the right to cancel any program due to low enrollment. If a program is cancelled, you will be notified by Winding Trails and a full refund will be issued. Voluntary withdrawal from a program must be done one week prior to the start of the program for a full refund. After this point, no refunds will be given unless there is a medical emergency or the spot can be filled.

How do I go on the waitlist for membership and how does it work?
Our current wait list for membership has over 2,000 names on it. The estimated wait time is no less than six years to become a member of Winding Trails. You can visit the membership section of our website and download the application to be placed on the waiting list. Once a spot becomes available, you will be notified via email or regular mail. If your email address or home mailing address changes, be sure to update your records with us.

What is the cost of a membership?
Memberships are broken into three categories: family, senior, and individual. All fees for the calendar year must be paid in full and no refunds are provided. Please contact the main office for an updated fee schedule.

Does Winding Trails offer day passes for non-members?
Winding Trails only offers day passes for non-members during the winter for cross-country skiing. We do not have day passes available any other time of the year. To use the facility for the day as a non-member, you must come as the guest of a current member.