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For over 75 years, Winding Trails has been a vital part of the Farmington Valley community. Thanks to you and generous people like you, we can make sure Winding Trails continues to maintain its beautiful facilities and offer quality programs for all ages. 

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on your support to fulfill our mission and guiding principles. We remain committed to fostering a love for the outdoors, creating a sense of community, and developing leadership and life skills. Through your kindness, memories will continue to be made at Winding Trails for years to come.

In addition to our traditional Trails Fund donation categories we are also accepting donations for two major projects starting this fall: The Grille-Pavilion Project and the Tennis - Pickleball Court Replacement.

You decide where your donation goes:

Grille Pavilion Project

Donations here will help with the construction of a new Grille concession stand and the Lakeside Pavilion. This project will upgrade our concession to meet all the new health codes and improve service to our members. We will also construct a new pavilion that will have a raised stage for Acoustic Night and other programming along with new sidewalks.  It will also be a beautiful space to enjoy a meal and look over the lake.  

Tennis & Pickleball Court Replacement

Support here will be used to help cover the cost of updating our 30 year old courts.  Post tension concrete courts have been installed that include three permanent pickleball courts, two tennis courts, three portable pickleball courts, and a temporary street hockey court. This project should be completed in late May of 2024.

General Support

A gift allocated here supports a full range of projects that serve the mission of Winding Trails. Last year's donations will be used to help fund a new sitting/retaining wall at the playground, a new camp gaga pit, camp mountain bikes, trees, and landscaping.

Dunning Lake Beach Improvements

Winding Trails continues its commitment to improving Dunning Lake beach and picnic area. Donations from last year will add a shade structure for the new playground, a new handicap sidewalk, beach wheelchair, and new benches for the lake.


Winding Trails Summer Day Camp celebrated its 75th Anniversary last year and continues its commitment to todays youth. Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to attend camp. Our campership program covers the cost of camp for families that may not be able to afford it. Please consider making a childs summer and donate to our campership fund.

Environmental and Educational Initiatives

Last years donations helped provide funding for the dredging of Trout Pond. Protecting our natural resources and educating our constituents is critical to  the future of our world.

Please consider making a contribution to Winding Trails. One hundred percent (100%) of your tax-deductible donation will go to making sure Winding Trails remains a natural gem for future generations to cherish.

Best Wishes and Gratitude,

Jonathan ChaiaScott Brown
PresidentExecutive Director